Trans Rights Are Human Rights 🏳️‍⚧️

Trans Cartoon

3 things you can do today to help with transgender visibility:

Family Fun

Family fun cartoon by NakedPastor where Jesus is smiling and playing with a Trans sheep while a white sheep and LGBTQ+ sheep stand beside Him.

Transgender and Friendship Cartoon

A cartoon by NakedPastor. A trans sheep and a white sheep are sitting together at a table. The white sheep says to the trans sheep, “We’ve been through so many changes together, we’re such good friends, and I’m so grateful.” And the trans sheep replies, “Oh, me too. Me too.”

Puzzle of Love Print

A cartoon by NakedPastor called, “Puzzle of love”. Jesus sits on the floor building a heart shaped puzzle with a trans sheep, an LGBTQ+ sheep and a black sheep. They are all building the puzzle while eating snacks.



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